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I’ve mentioned on Facebook that I recently finished a 485-page manuscript. This is a rewrite of a story that was originally written seventeen years ago, for an online group that I used to chat with all the time. The characters were based on people that I talked to on a daily basis. I updated the story, gave more background information for some of the characters, and added way more to the story. I sent it to my beta readers, whose reactions were “OMG this is fantastic!” “I can’t wait to read more!”…at least until they got to one part of the story, then it was “MEANIE!” “You’re EVIL!” and “You’re a b****!” All of this just made me laugh, because I knew where they were in the story by that point, and it was the reaction I expected. Eh, get over it! You loved the story and you know it!

I also shared the story with a fellow writer, Jamie Lee Scott, who writes the Gotcha series. I knew she would give me her unbiased opinion, and she would be firm, but fair. And she was. After two hours of talking and brainstorming, we came to the conclusion that the story needs more work, but she did say it was a good story. So my hopes of having it out by my birthday in July will not come to fruition, but if the delay produces a great book for you to read, then I’m okay with that. So, I will be ripping it apart and fixing it over the next month. I promise I will keep you updated on my progress and new release date!

Over the next couple of months, I will be sharing book reviews and interviews with fellow writers and/or their main characters. I’ve had a lot of fun with the character interviews in particular, and I’m sure you all are going to love them! Please make sure to share them as I share them with you; all books (and characters) need lots of love!

Finally, I have taken on a fun side project. All in the Pantheon is a modern take on the Greek gods and goddesses of Mount Olympus. When I was telling my mother about this yesterday, her guess was that I chose to be Aphrodite, then she realized she would be the one to choose Aphrodite, not me. I chose Ares, God of War, and I have been having a blast writing for him. I have written three posts for him, and here they are, in order: Ares is Tricked, Ares Confronts Dear old Dad, and An Explosive Afternoon. (Links provided, just slide your mouse over the titles; same for the first time I say Ares; that will take you to his bio) I think the reason I am enjoying this so much is because it is so different from what I usually write, although my sense of humor still shines through. All PG, I promise. Check out the Pantheon; there are some very talented writers there, who are putting their own spin on these gods and goddesses. Right now, Zeus is bringing all of the gods and goddesses back together, with his plan being to bring Olympus back to its former glory. But in order to do that, the gods and goddesses will have to learn to get along in the modern world, which means getting a job. Some are handling this better than others *laughs*. I hope you all give it a chance and enjoy the stories!

Okay, well, that’s it for today! On Friday, Guilia Driscoll from Driscoll Investigations will be stopping by to talk about her latest case. Make sure you stop back by¬† to read it!

As always, you all are the best, and I am very blessed to have you all encouraging and cheering me on.

Much love,


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