Drowning Lessons Book Review

Lexie Milano is the maid of honor for her best friend Olivia’s wedding. They have been best friends since the age of five, and have been through a lot together. But as Olivia turns into bridezilla, their thirty-year friendship will be tested.

A destination wedding on Bocas del Toro sounds like a wonderful time, even though Lexie has a binder full of lists that she is supposed to take care of during the week leading up to the wedding. Add ‘solving a murder’ when the best man, Nico, who is also paying for the wedding, ends up dead.

Turns out that Nico had some past and present issues with a few members of the wedding party and guests. The groom is arrested for the murder, which causes bridezilla Olivia to freak out. She demands that Lexie figure out who killed Nico, get her groom out of jail, but she can’t tell any of the guests what is going on. What can go wrong?

Lexie juggles her maid of honor responsibilities with murder solving, but nothing goes as planned. When a second body turns up, Lexie is forced to rethink all of her theories. Throw in Nico’s estranged wife, Max, and Olivia’s behavior becoming increasingly erratic, Lexie is ready to jump on the first plane off the islands…and she would, if she hadn’t convinced the police to close the airports.

It’s a bumpy ride all over the islands as Lexie and her new friend, Josh, try to figure out who the killer is. But finding out the truth could make them a permanent part of the blue ocean around the islands.

Drowning Lessons is a well-written mystery by Rachel Neuburger Reynolds that hooks the reader from the first page, and takes them for a dizzying ride through a destination wedding from hell. She paints a beautiful picture of Bocas del Toro and the surrounding islands, as well as creates some very colorful characters. I will admit to wanting to punch one or two in the face, so if you can make me hate a character, you’ve done well! So pick up a copy, grab a mimosa or two, sit back, and hang on! Can you figure out who did it before the end? Good luck!


Previous to her life of putting pen to paper, Rachel produced theatre in New York City for fifteen years. It was an extraordinary experience that gave her life long friends and never ending supply of inspiration. Although she bounces back and forth between London and New York, her headquarters are in St Leonards On Sea, on the South Coast of the UK. She lives there with her wonderful photographer husband, John, and they spend all the time they can on adventures across Europe.


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