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Today, I am bringing you an exclusive interview with Hermiony Fiddlestadt Crickett, the clever detective who has managed to solve several murders in her hometown of Fuchsia. It has been a while since I have met a more…colorful character. I could elaborate, but I think perhaps it’s best if we let Granny, as most people call her, tell you herself.

I heard you recently got married. How is married life treating you? Yes, this is my second marriage, and I must admit it was a surprise. We were kind of tricked into getting married. I never did like surprises. We do fine because we maintain our separate living spaces next to each other so I can still have my chocolates and wine and spicy reading at bedtime, and he can still snore and I don’t have to flip him onto the floor anymore.

Tell my readers a little something about yourself? My real name is Hermiony Vidalia Criony Fiddlestadt Crickett. My mother was in a rhyming phase when she named me Hermiony, because it rhymed with Criony, my maiden name, although I don’t like being called a maiden so my family last name. My middle name is from the Vidalia onion. She liked onions. Fiddlestadt is my first husband and that’s a story in itself, and then we have the Crickett. Silas, that is. I had to toe the line when I was young. Occasionally I got out of hand such as when I dyed Hildy Buckshaw’s hair blue and red while she was sleeping. Some things happened and then I had to be the good wife and a good mom so I tempered my personality. I have three children, Penelope, Thor and Starshine. They watch after me too much and I have to be a little cunning so they don’t know what I am up too. Thor is alright. He gets me the most but he also really gets me the most in other ways, such as trying to arrest me from time to time so I stay out of trouble. He is half of the Police Chief duo in Fuchsia. I also have good friends. I keep them out of trouble. Mavis, lives across the street and tries to be me by trying to rhyme, but she isn’t any good but I don’t tell her that. I am a loyal friend. There’s so much more but in time you will see who I really am.

There was a recent election, and Fuchsia has a new mayor. What do you think of him, and will he do a good job? It was better than the alternative and I’m not sure. You know he has a checkered past. Only time will tell.

Why do you keep investigating after all the attempts on your life? Those are just little snafu’s. Those crooks really don’t know what they are doing and you only live once right? I played it safe, tried to stay inside the box for years, but coloring inside the box was never my forte, and so I never think about the consequences just the thrill of the chase.

Does your husband really have a problem with what you do or is it all just a lot of hot air? Silas is a lot of hot air. It depends on what I am doing. That’s why I don’t always let him know what I am doing until I know what I don’t want him to know so that he doesn’t know.

Let’s talk about your weapons. You have a wide variety of things at your disposal. Is this an obsession or a hobby with you? I never thought about that. It could be the thrill of the surprise. Who would think normal everyday things could be weapons, especially if they are carried by an old woman? But usually I like to switch it up. I see something, pick it up and my eyes sparkle with a new idea. Life would be boring without new ideas and new weapons, and I really don’t like guns. I don’t want to be a pistol packing Granny. Would that be a good example for my grandchildren?

You have a very colorful house. Do you really believe your menagerie of animals picked out the color neon green? They actually did choose the color. We put colors on the ground and they looked them over and all sat on the color they wanted for their house. They understand everything we say. Shysters they are, but I think when shysters were invented they were given powers we haven’t discovered. They just speak a foreign language. Someone might speak Polish and I wouldn’t understand them, and my shysters speak animal language. No difference. They have to use gestures to get us to understand them or tones in their barks and meows and bleats.

Have you ever thought of opening a private detective agency? No, that would be boring. Then everyone would know what I did. I like the element of surprise. Fuchsians now have an idea, but they always think I am retiring from my nosy ways until I find something more, but out-of-towners are clueless. That is why I am so successful when the crooks come to town.

What is in store for your immediate future? Riding the rides in the new Amusement Park in Fuchsia. It will be opening soon.

Do you have any other relatives we don’t know about? If I knew about them, you’d know about them, so I know about no relatives that you think you don’t know about. If you find some for me to know, I know you will tell me.

Is there any chance that you’ll go undercover for the merchants again, or have you become too famous? I have been trying to get that job back for the last couple of years but since Thor is now in charge he wants to keep me safe. Maybe Amelia will hire me for the Amusement Park.

Is there anything else that you think we should know that we don’t know, but we might know, but are waiting to find out you know that we know? That’s a really confusing question. Where did you learn to ask questions like that? Are you trying to confuse an old woman?

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