Interview with Robbie Jordan

Today, we’re delighted to have with us Robbie Jordan, owner of Pans ‘N Pancakes Country Store in South Lick, Indiana. It’s a combination diner/country store, with a wonderful assortment of vintage cooking implements and some of the best food in the area!

You’ve had a lot of excitement since you opened your restaurant. How do you keep from going crazy?

I have too much work to do! Stocking and running a small restaurant, keeping up with cooking, cleaning, and reordering food, and still having a life is a lot, for sure, but I love it. The excitement? Well, if I never get involved with another dead body, I’ll be a happy Hoosier.

How are things at the restaurant?

We are operating in the black. I can give my employees a generous bonus at the end of the year, and we’re a popular community watering hole. I really need to have emergency help on tap, though, in case one of us gets sick or is away.

What is one of your favorite things to cook?

I like to try new dishes, but my creamy cheesy grits are one of my favorites.

I understand that Turner has also created some new dishes for you. Which one of them do you like the best?

Turner has been making recipes he learned from his Indiana grandmother. I love his Indian Spiced Potatoes – and most of our customers, do, too.

I’ve heard some lovely things about your B&B. Could you tell my readers how you learned to do most of the work yourself?

My late mom was an artisan cabinetmaker, so I grew up around power saws, hammers, and vises. I loved that I could carry out most of my renovation work myself, both upstairs and down. I contract out the parts I either can’t or don’t want to do, like skim coating the wall board or sanding the floors, plus plumbing and electric, of course. It’s not all that hard, as long as you measure three times before you cut.

If you couldn’t run your restaurant, would you consider a job in construction?

I don’t think so. I actually hold a degree in mechanical engineering, so I might pursue that line further.

You’ve been involved in several investigations. How do you keep finding yourself in these situations?!

Good question, LOL. I know by now I have an insatiable need to figure things out and to make sure justice is done and balance restored to my community. I can’t just let a killer get away if I learn something the police haven’t discovered, and especially not if someone I love is threatened.

Could you explain your technique for using a crossword puzzle to help you put the pieces of an investigation together?

It helps my puzzler mind to lay out clues and whatever answers I have and fit them onto a grid. I like the visual of it all on a piece of graph paper in front of me. Sometimes I can see connections I hadn’t thought about while rolling everything over in my brain.

How is Aunt Adele doing? She’s a pistol, and I love her to pieces!

She’s super awesome and doing great. I love her to pieces, too. I can’t tell you how grateful I am she survived the threat to her life stemming from her protesting the real estate development.

Do you think Vera would consider moving to town? She and Adele together make a formidable team! I’d love to hear about more adventures with the two of them!

No, Vera has her life in Indianapolis. But she lives only an hour away, so further adventures of the two are entirely possible!

Finally, how are things with Abe O’Neill? Are there wedding bells in your future?

Things are solid with Abe. I’m certainly not looking for anyone new, but I don’t have a ring on my finger, either…yet. ;^)

Readers, do you do crossword puzzles? Who is your favorite character in the Country Store Mysteries?

While Robbie scrambles through breakfast orders South Lick, Indiana, tempers run as high as the sticky August heat. A developer’s plans to build a towering luxury resort at one of the most scenic hilltops in Brown County infuriates opponents, who concoct protests and road blockades. When tensions boil over and a vocal protester is silenced forever at the resort site, Robbie ditches the griddle to catch the killer. But if slashed tires are any indication, she’ll need to crack this case before her own aunt gets served something deadly next. . . 


Edith Maxwell writes the Quaker Midwife Mysteries, the Local Foods Mysteries, and award-winning short crime fiction. As Maddie Day she writes the Country Store Mysteries and the Cozy Capers Book Group Mysteries. Maxwell, with eighteen novels in print and five more completed, has been nominated for an Agatha Award six times. She lives north of Boston with her beau and two elderly cats, and gardens and cooks when she isn’t killing people on the page or wasting time on Facebook. Please find her at, on Instagram, and at the Wicked Authors blog.

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