The Fight Begins…

Really, the fight began five and a half weeks ago, but I didn’t say much about it, beyond a couple of posts on Facebook. But the fight is real…

I’m going to lose weight.

Nice timing, right? I started October 13th, right before Halloween. Not THAT big of a deal, even though the mini-Snickers kept calling out to me every day for two weeks from the Halloween candy aisle. Thanksgiving is next week…pecan pie…not happening. *sigh*

Since October 13th, I’ve lost eight pounds. Hard fought for eight pounds.

Those of you that follow me on Facebook (my regular account, not my author account) know that this is a big thing for me. I’ve fought my weight for twenty-five years, ever since I was pregnant with my son, James. (FYI – to my other children from other mothers, thank you for not making me go through labor another six times. Much appreciated! Love you all!) But since my R.A. diagnosis in April of 2018, I’ve realized that I needed to do something to help control the symptoms and to deal with the pain.

I kept seeing the Noom ads and decided to do the two-week trial. I sailed through that and signed up for the eight month session. I’m almost at the end of the fifth week. What have I learned?

Making myself get up to do my daily steps is not always easy. There are evening when I say, “I’m not doing my steps tomorrow; I need a break.” Yet I get up the next morning at the ungodly hour of 4 a.m., smear CBD rub on my knees, get dressed, grab my watch pedometer and iPod, and head for Walmart. The more I got into the walking, the more I wanted to push to see what I could do. I’ve done three days of 10,000+ steps – very thrilled about that. I try to do at least 2000 more than the daily requirement, which goes up 150-300 steps a day.

I can hear some of you saying, “But what about your Dr Peppers?” History. I went ten days without having one before I cracked one last week. Only drank 1/8 of it. I did have one a couple of days later, but only drank about 1/4 of it. Mostly, I drink bottled water.

“Teresa, we know you have a weakness for M&Ms, Snickers and Smarties. There’s no way you gave those up!” No M&Ms, no Snickers, but I do have a small handful of Smarties every day.

“Teresa, we KNOW you love fries!” Yes, I do, but I haven’t had any in five weeks. There is a recipe on the Noom app for Russet Oven Fries, which are healthy and not that many calories. I don’t make them that often, though.

“Good Lord, you’ve stopped eating your favorite things! How are you surviving?!” Trust me, there has been some serious jonesing for specific foods, like Mexican food. I had some last week, took care of that problem. More fruits and vegetables, especially watermelon, strawberries and cucumbers. Current craving is a burger and fries.

It’s an uphill battle, I’m not going to lie. But all of you have been so supportive, and you have no idea how much that means to me! Thank you!

Tomorrow, we are allowed to eat whatever we want, as long as it falls within our calorie count. I intend to walk my brains out tomorrow morning, so that my count will be higher. Then I just have to figure out what to have.

But to be honest, once the initial thrill about this wore off, I realized that I probably WOULDN’T take the plunge because I don’t want to ruin all the hard work I’ve put in the past few weeks. I’m a woman; I’m entitled to change my mind. So we’ll see what tomorrow brings.

I don’t want this to be a one-sided thing, so tell me your stories. What are you struggling with? What did you conquer? What do you need help with? We’re all in this together, so let’s support each other. So speak up and let me hear from you please!


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  • 2 years ago I lost 47 lbs following a keto diet, I too started in mid-October. But to be honest, the holidays were not hard & I did not cheat.
    I still do not drink sodas, I drink bottled water & unsweet tea. I have regained most of the weight & I want to get back on track. Thanks for helping motivate me! Love & miss you tons!! ❤️

  • LOVE to blog, have been doing it for years so will add you to my blog log to make visiting you easier. I’m not dieting, but have tried to get back into more exercise. Steps were gang busters for me before I broke my foot and the steps really help burn the calories and make you less hungry…….so keep that up. My weakness is cocktail hour and wine with dinner. I’m not a sweets eater so that helps; but…… can’t out exercise your mouth. Hubby says that. I lost 15 pounds once I really got into walking and upping my step goal (made it to 14.5K), then the broken foot and LOTS of inactivity………..yep, it was back. Trying to get into yoga…I do good for a few days, but then poof. I was doing great with planks…again before the broken foot. Approaching 2 years since the break, and finally can bend the foot enough to do the planks again………..boy have I gone backward. My other challenge is trying to drink more water. In summer, no problem I drink 48 to 96 oz daily easily, helps fill you up and burn some of the calories, but when it changes season………like now. Not doing so well. On a good day I get 48, but usually not that lately. Keep going.

    • Oh forgot I wanted to ask what format your blog is. I don’t see a name for it. Will leave you a 2nd blog url on this post. Not used as often as the personal one I left above, but this is my travel one. You might enjoy one more than the other.