I Never Know What to Say!

I know you all have enjoyed the book reviews and interviews that I have been doing via the book tours, but I need to let you know that I am no longer doing the tours as of Monday night. It wasn’t that I didn’t enjoy doing them. My favorite part was doing the character interviews. I enjoyed reading the answers from the character’s point of view. It was nice to give them a voice outside of a book.

But on Monday afternoon, I received an email, asking for interview questions for a book that I was sure I was just doing a review for. I went to my calendar and sure enough, I was supposed to do an interview. At that point, I hadn’t even read the book yet. I started the book about ten minutes after I got that email, but as the evening wore on, I realized that between my books (which I’ll talk about in a bit), the book tours, and the Pantheon (which I’ll also talk about later), I was spread too thin. To say I was cranky would be a mild understatement. Something had to give, and I regretfully said goodbye to the book tours. Having said that, I will continue to do the occasional book review, because I still read books like people drink water. I will never lack for material for those.

However, that left me with almost nothing to put on my website. When I first started running a website years ago, I was excited. I imagined all the things I would write about. But the reality is far different. It’s HARD! I want my website to remain professional, which means I can’t write about the things I figured I would talk about. Limiting myself this way, though, means I never know what to say or write about. I have friends who have posts about the different aspects of writing, guest posts, and various other things that are totally professional.

I’m a goofball. I laugh at things that I probably shouldn’t laugh at. Those who know me (and say so proudly, not like some of my family who denies even knowing me when we’re in public) know that I have way more stories to tell from the absolutely goofy things I do (and they are many). In fact, I could say the word “trunk”, and I guarantee you that my friend, Debbie Lemmon, would say something about not knowing anyone else who could tear ligaments in their ankle trying to take something out of their trunk. And if I brought up another klutzy accident, Debbie would probably say that it will never top the “trunk”.

Those of you that follow me on Facebook have seen my “Words of Wisdom” posts, and I was just talking to my mother about this last night. My latest “Words of Wisdom” is “The empty Dr Pepper can does NOT go in the fridge. It goes in the trash can NEXT to the fridge.” As I told Mother last night, I do these things so that all of you will avoid these pitfalls. She said, “And we all thank you.” This is my life, folks. If I ever become best-selling author (knock on wood, please, Dear Lord, make it happen), I would still write about the dumb things I do. It’s just who I am.

So, I have decided that while I should probably put some posts up here about writing that make me sound like a writing guru (which I’m not), I’m going to write about the things I know on here. And while they may not be professional, they are entertaining, and what writer doesn’t want to entertain their readers? My apologies in advance to my lovely assistant, Stacy Jeziorowski, and the creator of this website, my book covers (and she formats my books as well), Jamie Lee Scott. As Popeye would say, “I yam what I yam.” I’m a very proud goofball. Goofiness will commence soon.

Let’s jump to future books. Ah, I can hear the cheers now. For starters, I believe I have mentioned that I am working on a book that is so different from my cozy books. It’s called Secrets and Shadows. I haven’t written a synopsis for this one yet, but I’ll work on it to give you an idea of what it is about. The backstory for this one is that I wrote it seventeen years ago for an online chat group (similar to how Death of a Cantankerous Old Coot came to life, which was for a group on Facebook). I wrote it in episodes, and it was well-received. They were sharing the story with family and friends (all before Twitter and Facebook), and got really testy when I went on vacation without leaving them something to read (similar to how you all get upset with me because I don’t write Lizzie stories fast enough for you! LOL). For some crazy reason, I decided to update the story, add some backstory, change names to protect the very guilty. Then I sent it to four beta readers.

can tell you the reaction of my beta readers, but I need to set it up first without giving it away. There is one intense, heartbreaking scene in there. My friends read the story at their own pace, so the reactions were spaced out. The first reaction was “You’re mean!”. I knew EXACTLY where she was in the story. I chuckled and shared the reaction with one of the others. When she got to that spot, she said, “You’re EVIL.” The third reaction was “You’re a b****!” I told my fourth friend all of these reactions, and we laughed about it. A day or so later, she sends me a message, saying the others were wrong, that I was a “mean, EVIL b****!” So, this will give you something to look forward to, and I look forward to seeing your reactions to that place in the book. No, I won’t be offended. It just means that I did my job well!

Then there is Death Rocks the Cradle, and I do have a synopsis for that one: Cassie’s biological father shows up and sues for custody. He happens to be the son of the mayor, who is fighting accusations that he has taken bribe money for contracts, but turned around and gave the contracts to another company. One of them (father or son) ends up dead…and guess who shows up at Lizzie’s door? Someone she thought was dead. Where they responsible for the dead man? Will Lizzie and Jake retain custody of Cassie?

Finally, we come to the Pantheon. For those that missed it, I have joined a group of writers, who are putting a modern spin on the Greek Gods and Goddesses. I not only write for the group, but I am also the editor for this talented group of people. When I told my mother about this, I asked her to guess who she thought I had signed up to portray. My mother, ever hopeful, said Aphrodite. I laughed. Then I asked her if she really thought I would be Aphrodite. She thought about it for a moment and said, “No, I would be Aphrodite.” She’s a hopeless romantic. When I told her I was Ares, she groaned. I’m a rebel rouser; who else would I pick? If you want my son’s reaction, it was a long, put-up sigh, followed by eye rolling. I am planning on adding a page to my website (let’s hope I don’t screw that up), and putting links to my posts on there. I have really enjoyed writing them the past two months; in fact, once I finish writing this, I will be writing some new ones.

So, welcome to my wild and crazy life, such as it is. Oh, wait, I almost forgot! I now have a business page on Pinterest! The very talented Christine Graves (who is one of the Pantheon Goddesses, Demeter) has been helping me put this together. Okay, I just gave her the covers; she did the rest. We all know I would totally screw this stuff up if I tried to do it myself. LOL Check it out, and I promise we’ll grow the page as we go.

Thanks for sticking with me for so long. You guys are awesome. Thanks for laughing with me…and at me…


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