Words of Wisdom

I have something shocking to say that will surprise you all: I do stupid things.

I’m also a klutz.

For those that know me and follow me on Facebook and Twitter, you all know this is true. There is no denying it. Even my mother would agree with me on this. In fact, we were just talking about it a couple of weeks ago. Basically, I do these stupid things so that you all won’t have to and can learn from my mistakes.

I share these little pearls on Facebook and Twitter all the time, but I thought I would start sharing them here and give a little backstory if need be. The posts won’t always be very long, but they will be funny.

Here is the most recent one:

Words of Wisdom for the day: that bottle of water does not go in the freezer. Well, it can, but if you were aiming for the fridge and not the freezer, you should really take your nose out of that book you were reading and watch what you’re doing.

Pretty self-explanatory here, but I was going to the kitchen to fix breakfast, and took a half bottle of water that was on my desk to put in the fridge. I was engrossed in an ebook, so I carried the bottle and my iPad with me. I was concentrating on what I was reading that I didn’t pay attention, opened the freezer door and stuck the bottle inside. I started to close it when I realized what I had done. Whoops!

I’m not sure how often I’ll post these. I do manage to go a few days without doing something stupid once in a while, but it’s rare. I’ll share some of the old ones with you, too.

We don’t want a bunch of people around doing stupid things like me, do we?

Until the next time,

Queen Klutz

I Never Know What to Say!

I know you all have enjoyed the book reviews and interviews that I have been doing via the book tours, but I need to let you know that I am no longer doing the tours as of Monday night. It wasn’t that I didn’t enjoy doing them. My favorite part was doing the character interviews.

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Guest Post with Savannah Webb

Hi there, I’m Savannah Webb, owner of Webb’s Glass Shop on Central Avenue in St. Petersburg, Florida. One of my artist friends has been featured in the local neighborhood newspaper with the famous questions from the Actor’s Studio television program. The interview was great fun and they thought it would be interesting for me to

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Interview with Robbie Jordan

Today, we’re delighted to have with us Robbie Jordan, owner of Pans ‘N Pancakes Country Store in South Lick, Indiana. It’s a combination diner/country store, with a wonderful assortment of vintage cooking implements and some of the best food in the area! You’ve had a lot of excitement since you opened your restaurant. How do

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Deco Dames, Demon Rum and Death Book Review

Reporter Jazz Cross would rather work the police beat than go to boring society functions, but she can’t convince her bosses at the Galveston Gazette to give her a break. Instead, they have her interview a fortune teller, Madame Farushka. Jazz thinks the woman is a fake, but Mrs. Harper, her immediate boss, isn’t convinced.

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Spirited Away Book Review

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